Daily News: May 28, 2013

Crestmark Promotes Seven Employees

In an effort to strengthen Crestmark’s support of businesses in need of working capital financing, Crestmark recently promoted seven employees.

“Crestmark is proud of each of these individuals who have helped us extend our reach to help businesses nationwide. These promotions reward the people who have been instrumental in Crestmark’s growth. We congratulate each on their success,” said Mick Goik, Crestmark president and chief operating officer.

Crestmark Corporate / Troy, Michigan Office

  • Larry Pearce, managing director of Corporate Joint Ventures, was promoted to senior vice president. Pearce joined Crestmark in 2005 and is an 18 year veteran of the commercial finance industry.

  • Lisa Beattie, marketing and creative director, was promoted to first vice president. Beattie joined Crestmark in 2006, and officially became an employee in 2011.

  • Teri Haynes, operations supervisor, was promoted to vice president. Haynes joined Crestmark in 2004 and has worked in several roles. Haynes took over responsibility for the Lockbox Department in 2011.

  • Doug Kollman, operations officer, was promoted to vice president. Kollman has worked in many roles since joining in 2000. Kollman oversees the Operations Department in various offices.

  • Patty Saliga, legal compliance officer, was promoted to assistant vice president. Saliga joined Crestmark in 2001 with experience in the areas of credit, collections, legal, bankruptcy, non-accrual and leasing.

    Crestmark West Division / Baton Rouge, Louisiana Office

  • Jack Talkington, senior vice president, was promoted to a new corporate role where he will work directly with Crestmark’s chairman, W. David Tull, and president and chief operating officer, Mick Goik, on Mergers, Acquisitions and Special Projects.

  • Ray LaBelle, vice president, was promoted to portfolio manager where he will oversee the South Region portfolio, and will additionally take on many of the client relationship roles previously held by Talkington.

  • Gregg Geil, vice president, has transitioned from underwriter to senior account executive for the West Division. Geil joined Crestmark since 2012 and is the first person to hold this position in Crestmark’s Baton Rouge office.