Daily News: February 6, 2018

Credium Launches Platform to Enable Blockchain for Lenders

Tel Aviv-based Credium launched a platform to allow any credit entity holding and buying non-securitized debt to accurately price and exchange their credit assets in a blockchain-based marketplace.

“Credium’s solution will be the fuel for this extremely important financial engine, driving liquidity to the credit markets. By tokenizing credit assets and making them tradable, based on a shared transparent and immutable ledger, Credium allows credit issuers to gain broader investor trust. We are excited to create the credit industry’s next generation infrastructure, while allowing the credit industry to securely exchange data and assets under a unified protocol,” said Gilad Woltsovich, Credium’s co-founder and CEO.

Founded in 2016, Credium has offices in Tel Aviv, New York and San Francisco and is being led by a team of serial entrepreneurs from the blockchain and fintech industry and exports in finance and marketing.