Daily News: April 17, 2015

Concord Secures Organic Holdings Credit Line

Concord Financial Advisors announced the closing of a $5 million senior secured revolving line of credit for Organic Holdings.

The company had been seeking a new banking relationship as its existing bank wanted to exit the industry. After being introduced to the company, Concord quickly assessed that the company’s core business was strong, well-managed and would be an attractive client for multiple bank or non-bank financial institutions.

Concord created a detailed memorandum featuring the company’s leading industry position, strong ownership/management team and impressive growth in profitability. Concord drew on its 14 years of experience and proven debt placement process to identify multiple bank and non-bank financial institutions that were comfortable with the industry.

After conducting a targeted search process that generated multiple Proposals, Concord secured an attractive loan structure from a nationally recognized finance company that met all of the company’s financing objectives.

Boca Raton, FL-based Organic Holdings is a manufacturer and distributor of natural, nutritional supplements, vitamins and healthy weight management products.