Daily News: March 18, 2014

Comvest Partners Leads MCC $75MM Term Loan

Merchant Cash and Capital (MCC) announced that it expanded its secured term loan to $75 million through a consortium led by Comvest Partners’ Comvest Capital II debt fund. Coupled with other debt facilities currently in place, this new commitment increases MCC’s total debt facilities to approximately $100 million.

“Like the businesses we finance, we need resources to develop more programs and services for our customers, and that is exactly what this new financing will allow us to do,” said MCC CEO Stephen Sheinbaum. “Our new term loan gives us the capital needed to invest in technology and product development, and catapult the growth of MCC from the current levels of funding $20 million per month to more than double that over the course of the next year.”

“We have enjoyed watching the product growth and continuous improvement of MCC over the last several years,” said Greg Reynolds, managing director at Comvest. “We are confident that MCC is well-positioned for the future and are delighted to increase our capital commitment and bring Crystal Financial and Medley Capital into the new term loan.”

In 2013, MCC successfully launched its ASAP technology, which streamlines and automates the approval-to-funding process for merchants and partners alike. In addition to technology innovations and product expansion, MCC has also added to the depth of its senior management team with the addition of Jeffrey Beckwith, CFO

“Since 2006, MCC has not had a need to raise additional equity,” said Beckwith. “However, with the closing of this new facility, we now feel well positioned to pursue and consider strategic debt and equity capital raise opportunities.”