Daily News: January 8, 2015

CIT Launches New Mobile App

CIT Commercial Services launched a mobile app designed to bring the functionality of CIT Commercial Services’ Client Information System to iPhone and iPad devices.

Available for download from the App Store, the mobile app provides CIT Commercial Services’ clients mobile access to many of the tools found on the existing CIS platform, including summaries of current and historical client information, customer aging and future due information, and individual customer summaries and concentration. One of the more unique features of CIT’s systems and the mobile app is that clients can perform a prospect credit search of CIT’s vast customer base to obtain a non-binding- prospective credit line and summary pay history for a customer whose receivables are not currently factored by the client with CIT Commercial Services.

“Our clients expect a certain level of convenience in accessing information necessary to make real-time business decisions,” said Jon Lucas, president of CIT Commercial Services. “For clients who are always on the go, traveling domestically or abroad to meet with their customers and suppliers, this new app gives them the convenience of mobile access to the CIT CIS platform.”