Daily News: November 10, 2014

CapX Partners Provides Arro $2.3MM Term Loan

CapX Partners closed on a $2.3 million secured term loan to the Arro to fulfill the company’s goal of meeting short-term capital growth needs.

In the last 10 years, Arro has added over $60 million of annual revenue, the bulk of which has come in the last three years. Having successfully expanded its customer base and penetrated new markets, Arro was looking for funds to support their continued growth needs.

“Time and time again, Pat Gaughan impressed us with the vision he had for growing Arro Corporation. He laid out a logical path to for us to follow, a path that required an appropriate amount of growth capital. We are pleased to be able to provide the capital he needed and to have the opportunity to work with Pat and his fine company,” says Jim Hallene, founding partner, CapX Partners.

Arro is a co-packer and co-manufacturer of a wide range of liquid and dry products in the food and pharmaceutical industries.