Daily News: September 30, 2014

Capstone Retains Top Valuation Firm

Capstone Financial Group holding company announced it retained Stout Risius Ross to provide valuations to assist Capstone in valuing its financial holdings and in complying with its financial reporting.

“We have asked Stout Risius Ross to assist us in the analysis and valuation of our financial holdings to assure a complete, thorough and accurate reporting of our financial holdings. SRR’s work will include both individual security and portfolio valuation and, from time to time, other advisory services. With dedicated effort, we have assembled a truly independent best-in-class team of advisors, to include financial, accounting, auditing, valuation and legal advisors, which firmly meets the corporate governance mandate we put in motion 120 days ago. The addition of Stout Risius Ross represents another clear increase in the quality of resources available to Capstone from just a few months ago. Retaining SRR’s services is in line with Capstone’s ongoing efforts to enhance shareholder value and long-term returns,” said Darin Pastor, CEO and chairman of Capstone.

George Schneider, president and chief investment officer of Capstone, added, “We are most fortunate in adding Stout Risius Ross to Capstone’s team of advisors. SRR is a top ranked firm in most every service that would benefit Capstone and its evolved needs and is nationally recognized for its analytical talent and independent third party valuation analysis and fairness opinion work. SRR’s addition to Capstone’s team of advisors brings unquestioned advantages to Capstone and value to Capstone shareholders.”