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Daily News: March 26, 2014

Capital One Bank Expands Wealth & Asset Management Team

Capital One Bank announced the appointment of Brad Taylor and the promotion of Monica Vernier to vice president and trust officer for Capital One Wealth and Asset Management. They will be based in the Beaumont, TX office and report to Shaheen L. Farah, Texas Trust Regional manager, Capital One Bank.

Taylor has more than 30 years of combined financial, trust and estate experience. He previously worked for financial institutions including Compass Bank, Regions Bank, Argent Trust, JPMorgan Chase, Hibernia National Bank and First National Bank of Shreveport, LA.

Vernier has more than 22 years of accounting and trust experience, and has been a Capital One associate for 12 years, overseeing the daily management and administration of personal trusts, investment management accounts and IRAs. Vernier worked for Amerisafe prior to joining Capital One.

“Brad and Monica bring a wealth of experience to our team and to the Southeast Texas market,” said Farah. “Their professionalism and expertise make them a great fit with our high performing organization, and they will help us deliver superior performance to clients who look to us for solutions that meet their unique needs.”