Daily News: May 31, 2013

BofA Agents Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Facility Increase

Noranda Aluminum Holding announced that Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Corporation (AcquisitionCo), its wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into an incremental term loan facility in the amount of $50 million under its existing term loan credit agreement, with Bank of America serving as administrative agent. The new loans will mature in 2019. AcquisitionCo will use the net proceeds for general corporate purposes.

Separately, the company announced that AcquisitionCo entered into an incremental asset-based revolving credit facility, consisting of $15 million in additional commitments on a “first-in, last-out” basis, under its existing asset-based revolving credit agreement. No funds were drawn under the incremental ABL at closing. Loans under the incremental ABL will mature in 2017. AcquisitionCo will use the proceeds of any such loans for general corporate purposes.

“By opportunistically accessing credit markets through these transactions, we have further strengthened our financial flexibility and liquidity position,” said Layle K. (Kip) Smith, Noranda’s President and chief executive officer. “Pro forma for the incremental term loan facility and additional ABL commitments, our March 31, 2013 liquidity was $218 million, with no funded debt maturities until 2019. These transactions supplement ongoing operational actions to drive incremental efficiencies and cost savings as we manage our liquidity and preserve our financial flexibility in a challenging LME environment.”

Noranda Aluminum Holding is a North American integrated producer of value-added primary aluminum products, as well as high quality rolled aluminum coils.