Daily News: April 20, 2017

Bank of America Provides $15MM Xplore Technologies Facility

Xplore Technologies entered into a loan and security agreement with Bank of America as lender, under which Bank of America agreed to provide revolving loans of up to an aggregate principal amount of $15 million.

The loans will consist of formula revolver loans and a letter of credit facility of up to $1 million. The maximum amount of formula revolving loans outstanding at any one time cannot exceed the lesser of $15 million or 85% of eligible accounts, plus the lesser of 65% of the carried value of eligible inventory or 85% of liquidation value of eligible inventory, minus certain reserves.

The agreement has a three-year term. Payment and performance under the agreement is secured by a first priority security interest in and to substantially all of the assets of the company.

The interest rate on the loans is variable, and will be equal to LIBOR in effect from time to time, plus between 2.25% and 2.75% per annum, based upon the company’s fixed charge coverage ratio.

The facility replaces Xplore’s existing $15 million undrawn facility with Pacific Western Bank.