Daily News: April 24, 2015

Ascentium Volume Soars 77.3% Y/Y

Ascentium Capital announced strong growth during first quarter 2015. The company obtained a 77.3% increase in volume over the same period last year and with assets near $743 million, a 69.3% increase was achieved.

Ascentium Capital is now ranked as the third largest private-independent finance company in volume by Monitor. “Ascentium experienced a historic first quarter, in no small part due to our focus on providing results-driven vendor financing programs and outstanding customer financing experiences to businesses,” said Tom Depping, CEO at Ascentium Capital. “We will continue to expand our footprint throughout the year, building further demand for our financing in key markets including franchise, healthcare, hospitality, IT, and petroleum.”

The proprietary finance platform and market strategy at Ascentium Capital are key drivers in meeting strategic business goals. “We are growing brand awareness and this will ignite growth to ensure we have a successful future,” commented Richard Baccaro, chief sales and marketing officer. “We continue to attract the top finance professionals in our industry and will expand our specialized salesforce throughout the year.”