Daily News: July 25, 2014

AmEx Survey: U.S. Middle Market Companies Looking to Hire

Conditions are ripe for investments at medium-sized enterprises over the next six months, according to the inaugural American Express Survey of Mid-sized Companies. Revenues are reported to be up year-over-year (70%), and a large majority (91%) of U.S. middle market companies are confident they can access the capital they need to grow. More than 81% plan to make an investment in human capital and hire staff over the next six months.

However, even with increasing revenues and perceived access to capital, more than 83% expect cash-flow concerns to arise over the next six months. And even those with a centralized “very satisfactory” accounting expense management system in place expect issues with accurately tracking cash-flow into and out of the business.

“Medium-sized enterprises in the U.S. are in an excellent position for expansion,” said Susan Sobbott, president, Global Corporate Payments, American Express. “Their positive outlook is bolstered by increasing revenues and access to capital for investment, however getting a handle on cash-flow continues to be challenging.”

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