Daily News: September 3, 2013

ACG NY Launches Private Equity Study Program

An unusual new private equity study program for “up and coming M&A Dealmakers” was launched this summer by ACG New York in partnership with Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA). Taught by working private equity professionals, the seven-week course, Private Equity Dealmaking in the Middle Market, was an immediate hit.

“We developed this program to demystify private equity and to provide needed executive-level education on the middle market ecosystem for our members and also for non-members interested in engaging in a deep learning experience unique to ACG New York,” said Robert M. Blumenfeld, ACG New York executive director. “Based on the robust enrollment and interest level of the students and instructors, we expect to offer a similar course next year.”

“By enrolling in ACG University, participants gain valuable experience, knowledge and tools that will support their continued success,” said Martin L. Okner, ACG New York president and CEO of SHM Corporate Navigators, a New York-based management consultancy focused on operations, marketing and finance. “In addition they have the opportunity to create long-term relationships with professionals from middle market firms that will serve them in their careers.”

The course, developed by ACG New York over a six-month period, follows a typical deal cycle, covering topics related to relationship building, deal flow, corporate growth strategies, credit markets, accounting and legal matters. Participants who completed the seven two and one-half hour sessions, held at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus, received a certificate of completion from Fordham University.

Students were selected based on prior experience, commitment, as well as overall composition of the applicant pool. Most of the enrollees held post-graduate degrees and were currently employed in executive positions in private equity, banking, law, and accounting. Twenty five people were enrolled at the start of the term.

The seven sessions focused on:

  • “Creativity in the Origination Process”
  • “Valuation and Due Diligence”
  • “Negotiation and Arranging Financing”
  • “Closing”
  • “Growth Strategies”
  • “Exit Preparation”
  • “Final Exam: Case Study”
  • To learn more about the program, please visit www.acgnyc.org.