The Grit of the Game … Offense Versus Defense Applies to More Than Just Sports

The period since 2008 has been marred with economic difficulties, recessionary trends and wariness in financial markets. As a result, there has been noticeably less M&A activity. However, looking at the deals that have been announced and consummated, it appears that the transactions over the past few years can be classified as either “offensive” or “defensive” in nature.

M&A, Capital Markets Update: There’s Improvement for Sure, But We’re Years Away From the Glory Days of High Valuations

In the following article, Tim Stute, managing director and principal at Milestone Advisors, assesses 2010 in terms of merger and acquisition activity in the commercial finance sector. While such activity has increased in the later half of last year, valuations remained low due to lack of competition from banks. In looking forward to 2011, Stute expects steady improvement in M&A activity with modest, yet rising deal values for the near term.