1st Commercial Credit Provides $1.2MM in Factoring to Two Companies

1st Commercial Credit provided more than $1.2 million in accounts receivable factoring for two medical device companies.

AG Adriano Goldschmied, Big Star Select CIT as Sole Factor

CIT Commercial Services was selected as the sole provider of factoring services to AG Adriano Goldschmied and its affiliate, Big Star. Both firms are either owned by or affiliated with Koos Manufacturing, a Los Angeles-based producer of high-end jeans.

MergerMarket Report: U.S. M&A Activity Tops Out at $1.5T in 2016

MergerMarket released its Global M&A roundup for 2016 and concluded that M&A activity continued, undampened by political uncertainty, finishing the year at $1.5 trillion.

JPMorgan Hires Managing Director, Financial Sponsor Group

Bloomberg reported JPMorgan Chase hired David Gill from advisor firm Three Ocean Partners to advise mid-market private-equity firms on investments.

CapitalPlus Provides $4MM Factoring Facility to CA-Based Contractor

CapitalPlus Equity provided a $4.0 million revolving factoring facility to a general contractor in California.

Tetra Provides $300,000 in Transportation Factoring

Tetra Capital recently provided factoring facilities for 10 new transportation companies, the transactions total $300,000.

J D Factors Closes Seven Factoring Facilities

J D Factors recently closed seven factoring facilities totaling $850,000.

Wells Agents $135MM Inventure Foods Refi

Inventure Foods announced it completed a $135 million debt refinancing that includes a five-year, $50 million senior-secured revolver and a five-year, $85 million senior secured term loan. Wells Fargo served as administrative agent.

CapitalPlus Provides $1MM Revolver for General Contractor

CapitalPlus Equity provided a revolving factoring facility for $1 million to a general contractor in Utah.

Tetra Provides Lease for Medical Equipment & Software Clinic

Tetra Corporate Services announced a $361,000 lease for medical equipment and software to a medical clinic located in the Southeast.