E-News Advertising

Ideally suited to support any marketing campaign, ABF Journal’s unique Daily E-News Broadcast and Weekly Wrap-Up afford unmatched audience reach for advertisers and sponsors.

Our most popular advertising media platform, abfjournal Daily E-News Broadcast, reaches over 5,000 registered e-news subscribers every business day. Its unique format and delivery has made it the medium of choice for advertisers seeking to heighten awareness. A direct hotlink feature affords the additional opportunity for audience engagement.


Duration 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X
1 Year $3,970 $7,345 $10,710 $12,705 $14,875
6 Months $2,575 $4,785 $6,945 $8,230 $9,655

All e-news advertising rates are subject to change.

This platform provides an alternative to the Daily E-News Broadcast. Using a new e-mail delivery system that measures story popularity, this broadcast of the top 10 news stories from the previous week is forwarded every Monday morning to abfjournal’s 5,000+ e-news subscribers.

This exclusive new media platform is limited to three (3) advertisers per broadcast thus improving visibility and the opportunity to engage with this opt-in audience.


Type 1 Year 6 Months 3 Months
One Time Per Week $7,800 $5,200 $3,250

All e-news advertising rates are subject to change.

Daily & Weekly E-news Ad Requirements
600 pixels wide x 80 pixels tall, JPG or GIF. Maximum file size is 15K. Animation is NOT supported.

Company logo/image area is 200 pixels wide x 120 pixels tall, must include 10 pixel white border on top and bottom. Animation is NOT supported. If you cannot prepare a Web-ready image, send us a high-resolution EPS, TIF or PDF of your logo and we will prepare it for you. E-news message space is limited. Please supply text as follows:

Bold Headline — Single line only, cannot exceed 60 characters including all spaces and punctuation.
Lines 2-4: Body Copy — Three lines only, please limit text to 220 characters including all spaces and punctuation. We will work with advertisers to edit text that is too long when submitted.
Line 5: URL (live hotlink) — Line 5 is designed to contain an active URL only, other text will not be considered. URL cannot exceed 50 characters including punctuation.

ABF Journal Mobile — our new Apple and Android apps, will give our e-news subscribers the added ability to access news stories “anytime, anywhere” on their mobile devices. This new expanded capability brings another creative way for advertisers to reach their target audience. Banner ads appear in the library, search and news feed sections of the apps.*


Type 1 Year 6 Months 3 Months
Mobile Banner/Blow-in $1,695 $1,165 $775

*Includes blow-in on the iPad only.

To inquire about advertising opportunities and details, please contact:

Frank Battista
Sales & Marketing
Phone: 800.708.9373 x120
E-mail: fbattista [at] abfjournal [dot] com